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Friday, September 01, 2006

N/V Brut Sparkling Wine Marshall Field's

September 9, 2006 will mark a sad day for Chicago history. The New York bastards at Macy’s are renaming our beloved Marshall Field’s. I have fond memories of visiting the store with my grandma, dining in the Walnut Room, eating so many Frango mints I was ready to puke, and seeing the window displays at Christmas. When Fran and I got married Marshall Field was one of the two stores we bothered registering. When I go gift shopping, Field’s is my first stop...whether I have something in mind or not. After I clear out our store’s stock of Frontera Grill salsas I will officially be a Nordstrom’s man. It’s a dark day, friends...

To celebrate the end of an era in Chicago, I present to you Marshall Field’s wine weekend. (Yes, I am well aware that by buying this wine I gave money to those Macy’s bastards, and no I don’t really think anything I bought today will be better than decent, but it’s worth a shot).

We start a bottle of “Brut”...a sparkling wine, believe it or not. It's a private label and all I know about it is made by "KDM Global Partners" and it's from California. This is an 187ml bottle, which is just over a glass of wine. According to the bottle it’s: “amazing with...absolutely everything!” Is it?

Well, it’s alright. Yeasty, dry, and pear flavors make it a decent sparkling wine. Very simple, crisp, it’s not bad but it’s certainly not amazing, nor is it great, nor is it exactly what I’d call “good”...but it’s drinkable, and that’s really all I expected. Not much else to say about it really.

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