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Monday, September 04, 2006

2004 Essensia Orange Muscat

On the palate I get peaches and pineapple with a bit of apricot. The nose has oranges and there’s a bit of it on the palate, but it’s in the background. The varietal is “Orange Muscat” so it’s not like orange flavor was added, the grape naturally has some citrus flavors to it.

It’s surprisingly acidic and isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. If you don’t care for that teeth rotting sensation that sometimes accompanies dessert wines, this may be worth trying since it’s reasonably balanced.

The finish is very long with peaches, a bit of spice, and a hint of oak (think peach pie). Brandy was added to this and unfortunately it brings a slightly unpleasant burn on the finish. It is mild enough that I won't be dumping the bottle, but it’s certainly flawed and with the amount of dessert wines out there I won’t be picking it up again.

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