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Saturday, September 02, 2006

2003 Marquis Philips Cabernet Sauvignon

With the previous bottle not lasting more than a single glass, we decided to go for something relatively safe. Our local wine shop had this on sale for $10, compared to their normal price of $16.

I get tomatoes on the nose as well as herbs, oak, and olives. It’s pretty funky honestly...I believe the term people use is “green.” These are actually new smells to me, so I was concerned.

No worries, as the Aussies say, as this is excellent. Exceptionally smooth with quite a bit of jam, lots of fruit– blueberries, cherries, and plums. Tannins are silky. Oak and spice are in the background, but this is more of a fruit bomb than anything. I keep trying to taste those funky flavors, and all I can pick up is some subtle herbs.

Even at $16 this would’ve been worth it. An excellent, bold New World Cabernet that would go nicely with big food....eggplant dishes, pastas with heavy sauces, and so forth.

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