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Sunday, November 18, 2007

2003 Evenus Zinfandel Port

I bought this a while back for about $10 (half bottle) at Trader Joe's. I've had some fake “Ports” before, but don't think I've ever had a Zinfandel Port before.

Chocolate and cherry on the nose.

Chocolate, cherry, and raspberry with plenty of dried fruit – raisin/prune, yet not much tannin. No depth or anything really interesting going on. After this has been open for a few days, some nuttiness is coming through, but it's really quite minor...honesty, it's not much further beyond a typical fruit bomb Zinfandel....lots of fruit, a touch of earthiness, and that's about it.

The finish fades fairly quickly...some alcohol lingers as well as some raisin, but nothing exciting.

Let's just call this a Late Harvest Zinfandel. $10 for a 375ml dessert wine isn't bad, but it's not great. There's some better “Port” coming out of Australia and for $10 you'd get a full bottle. If Ruby Port is too bold for you, maybe you'll take a shine to this, otherwise – skip it.


The Gourmez said...

You may want to give the newer vintages a try--there's some great mocha to the 2006 one I just posted on. Quoted you on this vintage on my blog again--as always, you have great descriptions of the wines you've tried here.

thewineauxs said...

Anonymous - Thanks for trolling.

Gourmez - Thank you for the link. I believe I'll be hitting TJs in the next few days, maybe I'll grab a bottle and give it another shot.