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Friday, January 22, 2010

2005 Souverain Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

This one goes for about $22, but I found it at Target, of all places, on sale for about $15.

Plum, cherry, and tobacco on the nose.

The second this wine hits my palate it's like water - virtually nothing going on at all. After a second or so, things start coming together - blackberry, blueberry, and vanilla. Deep on the back palate, there's almost a nectarine quality with some cinnamon and very mild tannins - flabby is a word that comes to mind. Day two saw much of the fruit fade while the cinnamon began to dominate with some mint coming through.

There's just a bit of eucalyptus on the finish, with some bing cherry qualities as well.

This one is okay - kind of interesting how the palate presents itself, but not necessarily in a good way. Simple perhaps, but also pleasant to drink - I can't really bash it, but a low B is about right. This is the way blind tasting begins...not with a bang, but a flabby, inoffensive wine.

Score: 81

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