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Monday, January 11, 2010

Domino's Pizza - 1/11/10

Watching Colbert the other day, I have to admit being somewhat intrigued....

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Alpha Dog of the Week - Domino's Pizza
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Seriously now - good on them. I'll throw some business at them just for having the cojones to run an entire campaign around how bad their pizza is/was.

Putting my biases on the table - I have a high tolerance for just about any sort of pizza that comes out of the freezer, hell even Lean Cuisine works for me. I live close enough to a Lou Malnati's and Gino's East (and am near a Pizano's often) that I rarely stray from any of those three for ordering out. I dig pizza, but I can hardly be called a snob.

The special was two 'two topping' medium pizzas were $5.99 each, so with tax, delivery, and tip you're looking at just under $20.


Thin crust topped with pepperoni and garlic -
Lots of visible garlic, but not a lot of punch - my guess is the garlic is from a jar. Check the photo, there are several piles which actually tasted like garlic - flavor pockets, if you will. Plenty of pepperoni, but yet again - you almost can't taste it. The crust is thin and cracker like - more of a Ritz cracker on the edges and somewhat soggy towards the middle - on par with Tombstone. Bottom line - inoffensive and bland, but nothing unpleasant.


Hand tossed with Italian sausage and green pepper -
The crust is pillowy - light and airy up top, somewhat white bread crust like on the bottom (I hate to call it cardboard, but that is coming to mind), with what tastes like garlic powder infused butter slathered around the edges. The Italian sausage has a very nice spice to it - impressively so - and the green pepper seemed to be fresh and cooked just about right. The sauce is dominated by hot red pepper, more spice "heat" than spice "flavor" (though by absolutely no means is this "hot"). The cheese left me with no impression good or bad.


There you are.... About half of each pie is left over. The hand tossed crust was unpleasant enough that it's getting tossed, but I'll probably keep the thin and spice it up before reheating.

The bottom line? If you didn't like Domino's before, you probably won't be sold. It is, by no means, the worst pizza I've had, and as far as the mega chains go it's right about on par. While some aspects - the crust mostly - were lacking, the sausage was nicely executed.

Me? If I want to be cheap, I'm sticking with frozen - Costco's in house (refrigerated) pizza is quite good and the frozen offerings by Lou Malnati's and Rustico also work nicely in a pinch.

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Anonymous said...

way to throw some Colbert in there!! I love reading your blog. Thanks!