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Friday, January 22, 2010

The blind era

I have made every effort to not let my biases creep into my reviews, but it's inevitable. Am I being too easy on the $5 wine? Too hard on the $50 bottle? Vice versa? I don't mean to, but I probably am.

Therefore it is, with pleasure, that I announce all wine will be tasted blind from here on out.

The way it works is simple - I will give Fran a vague suggestion for selecting a wine off the rack. She will open it and either pour the bottle into a carafe or mask it in some way. I will not know what I'm drinking until the review and score are finalized.

The selection process will be noted in each review - I may suggest a "California Cab" or a "Pinot Noir from anywhere" or maybe I'll ask for "something bubbly" - my suggestions are just that, she can take or leave them. Price will not play a factor, so I won't know if it's a $5 or $50 wine.

If you want to be insufferably particular, you can say I should call this "semi-blind" since I have an idea of what we own, but trust me - my memory isn't that hot.

Situations do arise when I may not be able to do it this way - I will make this clear in the review and most likely add an asterisk to the score.

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MichiganByTheBottle said...

Love the blind tasting idea and your rationale for it. Your reviews are always pretty thorough, so it will be interesting to see the scoring differences.