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Saturday, March 24, 2007

1998 Dom Perignon Champagne Brut

Yep, Dom. After busting her ass at her current employer for 3+ years, Fran just accepted a new job - better pay, better hours, better work environment. When I heard this I thought it warranted something extremely special. So, why not Dom?

Strong nose - with mainly lemon, bread, and yeast.

Toast, toast, and more toast on the palate. Everything is tightly blended, pear, crisp apple, lemon, a bit of berry, yeast. It’s perhaps a bit too acidic, we opened this when it was quite cold and I’d almost call it harsh. As it opened and warmed up, the harshness faded some but there was still a bit of astringency.

As soon the finish starts you get a burst of berry - black, blue, and raspberry, and fades to lemon and finally exceptionally long lasting yeasty notes.

As much as we’re not disappointed, I can’t say it’s worth the price. The difference between this and one the non-vintage bottles that sell for half the price just seems marginal to my tastes.

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