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Saturday, March 03, 2007

N/V Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Sparkling Brut

I realized what one of my problems is today....our local Binny’s (local chain liquor store that’s about the size of Walgreens) is right next to Taco Bell. Fran and I work lousy hours so sometimes after a 14 hour day we just want some comfort food and I typically stop and buy a bottle of cheap wine or beer to go along. Today was an Australian sparkling wine that I seem to recall reading a decent review of but can’t place where.

Yeasty and doughy nose, not much else.

For an $8 wine it’s pretty impressive...dry, yeast and white bread notes, mainly grapefruit, but a bit of Granny Smith apple and a touch of orange zest. The only gripe, no shock here, is the bubbles...this one flatlined after a mere half hour or so.

The finish really shows the sweetness at all and a slight yeasty drying effect.

If you like dry sparkling wines, you can do far worse at the price and not much better. It’s certainly not on par with even a low quality Champagne but we’re not even halfway to the price of a Champagne...perhaps not as good as Rotari, but still enjoyable.

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