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Saturday, March 03, 2007

2004 Louis Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay

Do not adjust your monitor, this is a bottle of Chardonnay on The Wineauxs. Why? I had a strange urge to try a Chardonnay. This is, I believe the lowest end wine from Louis Jadot, it’s from Burgundy and ran us just about $14.

Buttery, creamy, pineapple nose.

Citrus, pineapple, vanilla...I don’t know if this has seen oak but I seem to detect some–not really a good thing. There are some nice layers in this and it has a decent complexity to it...nothing too deep in the grand scheme of things I'm sure, but it's not a dumb wine.

The finish brings out some more vanilla and pineapple.

I wasn’t really sure I’d be a fan of this and I can’t say I am...but we’re not offended and that’s really the nicest thing we can say about a Chardonnay. I certainly won’t be buying it again, but I’m glad I experienced it. I think the next Chardonnay I try will be a New World unoaked one.

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