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Thursday, April 17, 2008

2005 Chateau La Rose Tour Blanche Bordeaux

We've had good enough luck with the cheap 2005 Bordeauxs that I hit up Binny's and grabbed a few different bottles – so expect a fair amount of cheap ($12 or less) Bordeaux reviews to be coming in this blog in the upcoming months.

A little bit of candied cherry on an otherwise muted nose.

Hmmm...almost no fruit to speak of – a big earthy mess – tobacco, dirt, earth, oak, clove, cinnamon, various dried Italian spices (basil, oregano, thyme) – a bunch of qualities that aren't a problem if there's some fruit to balance it out, but on their own it's not working. After a few hours in the glass I do get a faint bit of cherry, but you really need to search for it.

The finish lingers for some time – usually a plus – but the absence of fruit really doesn't make it a strong quality.

The second day brings no nose at all. Chocolate, cinnamon, spice, oak, tobacco, menthol, and some more prominent cherry. The finish brings some blackberry and spice.

Initially I was going to say this was not worth the eight dollars, but I think it somewhat came through on the second day – I'm still not sold on it though. If you do try a bottle, you may want to decant it for at least six hours or so – or pour yourself a glass, recork the bottle, and enjoy the rest the second day so it gets a chance to morph a bit. It's a shame – this wine has a lot of nice complexities, but as a whole it's just not a strong contender.

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