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Sunday, April 20, 2008

2005 Terrazas de Los Andes Cabernet Sauvignon

This has been in the wine fridge for almost a year – it's been a bottle I keep passing up and figured now is the time. This bottle goes for under $10 and gets some solid ratings.

Day One:
Licorice, oak and perhaps some fig on the nose.

Interesting – cassis, some pruney notes, oak, spice, some dried cherry, and a bit of licorice. Not much tannin and somewhat low acid make the overripe fruit stick out a bit more than I'd prefer.

Spicy cinnamon, dried cherry, and oak linger for some time on the finish.

Day Two:
The nose has faded – while I get cedar, anise, and prune – it's substantially weaker than yesterday.

Today the tannins strike me as a bit more pronounced making this somewhat better balanced. Cassis, cinnamon, oak, and cherry on the palate.

Dried cherry comes through on the finish as well as some oak notes.

This is definitely an interesting bottle – and at the single digit price it's certainly one I'd recommend.

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