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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2006 Bolla Bardolino

I wanted something cheap and Italian to go with a pizza and seeing as I've never heard of Bardolino I grabbed it for six bones. To sweeten the deal, this has two varietals which we haven't had: Corvina (60%) and Rondinella (30%), plus 10% just listed as “other.”

Cherry and sweaty socks on the nose.

Light bodied – extremely light – I doubt this has seen oak but it's not as harsh as some other unoaked reds are. Tart cherry, white pepper, and a nice acidic zing.

A little bit of spice on the finish – black pepper and a bit of raspberry.

Why are cheap, mass market Italian wines so enjoyable? I have no qualms with this – yes, it could use some more body and you wouldn't want to let this sit on the rack for any extended period, but so what? This is great QPR and would go great with any simple food like pizza or burgers.

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