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Friday, April 04, 2008

2006 Rodney Strong Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

This goes for about $15 and has somewhat wide distribution around here – it's one of the higher shelf Pinot Noirs at the local grocery store.

Earth, tar, and cherry on the nose.

Lots of cola here – earthy and funky – some strawberry and raspberry. At first pour this is somewhat sharp, but the acid blows off after a couple hours of air, some sassafras starts to come through plus some interesting stone fruit and spicy notes – poached peaches and such. We're drinking this over one night – but I couldn't imagine this lasting overnight – after a few hours it's fading fast – it's not bad, it just gets very tame very fast.

Cherry cola and anise on the finish.

In terms of availability and price this one is perfectly reasonable – with definite varietal characteristics and no obvious flaws, it's almost Old World in style which is about as high of praise as I can give. I dig it.

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