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Friday, April 11, 2008

N/V Glunz Family Mission Angelica Solera

Glunz is an Illinois based winery which specializes an Illinois version of Port that's pretty solid. I recently visited their tasting room in Long Grove and got t try a sample of this which compelled me to grab a bottle – I forget the exact price but it was in the $35 range for a 500 ml bottle.

Day One:
A powerful nose – brown sugar, maple syrup, caramel, cherry, and some alcoholic burn.

The palate is actually just a bit mellower than one would expect, but don't get me wrong it's still huge – like a Tawny Port like in many ways – caramel, cherry, prune, tobacco, spice, and oak. This is 18.5% alcohol and it definitely shows.

A nice nuttiness which was present on the palate really shines through on the finish. Candied orangel peel, dried cherry and smoky oak notes also linger for quite some time.

Day Three:
How big is the nose? I can smell the glass from five feet away. Nutty, caramel notes mostly.

The burn of the alcohol has blown off somewhat. Strong nuttiness comes through, dried fruit – cherry and raisin – and brown sugar notes boldly hit the palate. I'm also getting some soda notes – cherry cola or root beer...I can't decide – perhaps both.

More nuttiness on the finish, more dried cherry, more caramel.

Day Six:
The nose has faded, and the nuttiness is getting stronger, other than that, there's little to report and the bottle is all but gone.

A solid wine, a good value, and stunning seeing as this is from a winery near the Illinois/Wisconsin border. I'd recommend it and next time I'm at their tasting room I just may pick up another bottle if I don't grab another one of their Ports instead.

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