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Friday, April 18, 2008

2006 Tait Ball Buster

I figured this one would be tight, so I'm doing one glass Wednesday, recapping it immediately, and getting the rest Friday. This bottle ran me about $15.

First day:
Black cherry, a bit of oak, and a fair amount of forest floor.

Not as tight as I expected, but you better believe it's appropriately named – ripe plum, blueberry, cherry, leather, both black and red licorice.

A bit of cedar, smoke, and plum on the finish – all which last a strikingly long time.

Two days later:
A burst of black pepper on the nose with some ripe raspberry.

Twizzlers, oak, black pepper, green pepper, leather, tobacco, cherry, strawberry - very thick and viscous - huge and complex.

The bell pepper, oak, spice, and tobacco linger.

This one is big – 15.7% alcohol – and these huge Australian Shiraz are either your thing or they aren't – if your preference is for subtle wines, don't even look at this one, but if you like big, bold, and in your face, this is solid.

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