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Sunday, July 04, 2010

2003 Leroy Savigny-les-Beaune Les Ratausses

This retails for $65 and has been on the wine rack for quite a while. What better way to celebrate the birth of America than with a French wine? Sound like irony? Hardly.

A bit of a fruit leather thing on the nose - which is sort of a bit of raspberry, blackberry, and a vaguely apple thing.

Black cherry and blackberry at the first - startlingly simple at first - but after a while it opens up with a mid-palate of menthol, cedar, and some funky earthy qualities. Dried brown spices, perhaps some green as well, even some red pepper. A nice drinking wine, to be sure, everything is nicely integrated but I'm not getting any wow factor.

Cherry on the finish with lingering menthol and mint, but surprisingly short.

This wine either needs a few more years or a few hours in a decanter - it's actually quite drinkable at first pour, but it's overly simple. It was not until about four hours in that it came to life. Still a pass though. You let me down France....thanks for the copper statue though, sorry for keeping it outdoors...

Score: 87

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