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Friday, July 09, 2010

2007 Wollersheim Pinot Noir

A Wisconsin Pinot Noir - yep. Who knew? Fifteen bucks with some distribution in Illinois, I snagged this at Binny's.

Cherry cola and a bit of trashy funkiness on the nose - good stuff.

A bit bigger than I expected, a bit sweeter, but at the same time undeniably Pinot Noir. Cherry, cola, a bit of cedar, and a big punch of black licorice.

Black licorice - quite strongly in fact - lingers on the finish.

I can see this wine polarizing people - it has some of the varietal funk I like, but it's likely a tad too big and sweet for most fans. That being said, if you're interested in trying a wine from Wisconsin you could do much worse. When you consider that this is a $15 Pinot Noir from an odd region, this is a solid deal.

Score: 86


Jeremy said...

Hey, sorry to leave an unrelated comment, but just wanted to let you know about a new michigan winery that just started selling bottles.
No, I am not from the winery or related in any way, just love your blog and thought you might like to know about this up and coming winery. Also, since you are such big 2 lads fans, you will be pleased to know that Cornel is their winemaker even though they are located in southwest Michigan. Of course, the wineauxs are probably already in the know. Cheers!

thewineauxs said...

I know what we're doing in a few weeks. Thanks for the info - we were not aware of this, looks awesome though. I'm stoked it's so much closer to Chicago.