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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bayona - New Orleans - 7/13/10


This was our first experience with drunk, pardon my language but trust me it's the nicest way I can phrase it, douchebaggery in a nice restaurant. A group of four clowns were being absurdly loud and obnoxious. When they got up to leave, the quietest bozo took a giant tumble knocking his chair over. Another guy got up help him and he was so disoriented he didn't seem to get what was going on. It was somewhat frustrating that no one in the restaurant asked them to be quiet, but I know that is a delicate situation.

So....the food. This was a genuinely a "southern" style dinner. Good stuff all around. Check it. Some of these things are not on the online menu so forgive the vague-ish descriptions. Also, a couple photos are blurry - the lighting was quite low, so this is the best I could do.

Bread service is important. These were excellent.


Louisiana Crab, Leek, Heirloom Tomato Tart.


Grilled shrimp with Black Bean Cake and Coriander Sauce


Veal sweetbreads with Sherry Mustard Butter. I like sweetbreads, when they are on the menu I order them, but let me tell you something...this was one of the best preparations I've ever had. Toss up between here and Blackbird in Chicago.


Stuffed Rabbit Roulade and Paneed Leg, Sauteed Greens, Okra, and Grits. Fran tells me this is the best rabbit she's ever had (and she eats a lot of rabbit).


Homemade cherry sorbet

There ya go. This was top notch, second only to Emeril's quite frankly. Tasty, reasonably priced (no entree was over $30, I don't think any appetizer was over $15), with a great wine list.

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