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Monday, July 12, 2010

Old New Orleans Rum - New Orleans - 7/12/10

The Old New Orleans Rum Distillery (which may or may not be known as "Celebration Distillation") is a bit out of town, a roughly $13 cab ride from the French Quarter.

The building is non-descript and it's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There's not a whole lot nearby and it's not the kind of place you'll just stumble upon. In other words, if you're going, get directions/a map/GPS - you won't "just find it" if you drive around.

We arrived slightly late. I didn't hear anything about pictures, but people weren't taking any and I know there are certain "trade secrets" with places like this, even if the public allowed to look. It's like a grocery store, you know? Competitors can look all the way, but take a picture and people freak out.

The tour is five bucks a head. When you arrive you get a spiced rum/tea cocktail which is quite good. After the tour you get four samples of the various rums they make - all are worth trying and high quality. I liked the 10 Year Rum the best ($55 a bottle was a tad steep) and the spiced (which I bought a bottle for around $20). The distillery is owned by a local artist and is more of a "bragging rights" kinda place than a "let's make money" kinda place, so the product is high quality, priced right, and small batched. I dig it. In fact, after we finish our bottle I'd be more than willing to call them up and have another shipped.

The tour lasted around an hour and was well worth the cab rides and modest fee. Everyone was friendly and if you get there, they will call a cab for you to get you back to where you're staying.

Can I just say cab drivers in New Orleans are the polar opposite of cab drivers in Chicago? Friendly. Local. Chatty. Hilarious. I dig it.

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