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Friday, July 16, 2010

New Orleans roundup

Alright. That's it with food pictures from New Orleans. I can tell you I've placed myself on a high fiber vegan detox diet for the time being. Not a single meal here was bad. Not one was less than good, in fact.

Restaurant August gets my strongest praise - not only would I return, I was so convinced by it that I would consider doing a John Besh visit and eating at all six of his places.

Emeril's was the biggest surprise. Everyone said it would be good, but I still assumed it would be "tourist" good. No sir, the rabbit appetizer was the best dish of the visit. I'd be back, but I think I'd hit his other places first.

Felix's Oyster Bar deserves special mention as well - a diner setting with some amazing food and good people. The blackened alligator and grilled oysters were amazing.

Mila was excellent, all the food was great, but the sweet potato rolls with pureed fava beans deserve a shout out.

I could go on, but at this rate I'd mention something at each place. If you're into food pictures, just scroll down and enjoy. Otherwise, we'll be back to posting about wine in a bit.


Anonymous said...

The City of New Orleans, the State of Louisiana, should pay you handsomely for this blog adventure. They should link your blog to all of their tourist websites. What greater inducement to visit the place than this spectacular food?! I was doing some research about places to eat and found your page. It also shows that the oil spill hasn't wiped out the seafood cuisine in town. Can't wait to get down there! Thanks so much for posting this link on Chowhound.

thewineauxs said...

Ha! Thank you very much. The oil has really not had any (visible to the customer) effect on the restaurants - in fact, I am under the impression the oysters at Felix were still (somewhat) local.

There's plenty of seafood to be had, so don't hesitate.

Mike said...

I absolutely loved your overview of New Orleans. I'm a relocated native living in GA and often reminisce about the food. I appreciate the balanced approach to your comments. I also find the food to be above average but occasionally, my expectations are dashed. Thanks again for the brief reprieve while I eat lunch in my office. Your blog and Chow help me fantasize about the lunch I could be eating.