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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tropical Isle - New Orleans - 7/13/10


The hand grenade. This is the frozen variety. Internet recipes will tell you a hand grenade is equal parts gin, vodka, midori, everclear, and rum - no mix is listed in any which would give you about six shots of alcohol.

It's sweet. Unlike the Hurricane, to my palate it doesn't have as strong of an alcohol burn nor do I find the sweetness to be as overbearing. I'd say it hits the palate midori and finishes rum.

We also had a regular liquid version - it's $8 on the rocks and I think $15 straight up. We did rocks. I can see why drinking one of these giant things with no ice would be too much, but filled up with ice it all gets diluted nicely.

The frozen drink pictured is eight bucks.

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