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Monday, July 12, 2010

Carousel Bar - New Orleans - 7/12/10

The Carousel Bar is somewhat well known - the patrons at the bar rotate, the bar and room itself do not. I'd call it more disorienting than anything else.

The left is a Vieux Carre (vue cuh-ray) and the right is a Pimm's Cup. The Vieux is whiskey, vermouth, cognac, and bitters. The Pimm's contains Pimm's (a gin based liqueur), lemon lime soda, and cucumber. This particular Pimm's Cup is dangerous - there was no discernible alcohol in the drink.


Another traditional drink is the Sazerac - rye whiskey, absinthe (or herbsaint), bitters, and simple syrup. Not unlike a Manhattan only absinthe instead of vermouth. A bit of a black jelly bean flavor going on, slightly sweet, not offputting by any means, I enjoyed this but don't foresee drinking another.

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