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Friday, December 01, 2006

2001 Rotari Brut Riserva

Yesterday we had the standard non-vintage Rotari which was $9. This is the 2001 Riserva and ran for $11. A side by side tasting probably would’ve been more fun, but it also would’ve left us with two open bottles and only one sparkling wine saver.

Compared to the regular, this has more yeast, more citrus, and some distinct oak flavors. The regular had a nice, soft strawberry finish–this has none of that and is far more tart. A fair amount of lemon

The review I read of the regular Rotari said it could pass for a non-vintage Champagne...perhaps it could. This one certainly tastes like a lower end Champagne–I’d compare it to the Kirkland we had the other day.

I’ve been very open about the fact that with sparkling wine my palate is a bit unsophisticated. To me, this one is good, but the non-vintage is clearly better. Either way–$9 or $11 you’ll spend your money wisely by picking up a bottle.

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