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Friday, December 29, 2006

2005 Hartford Court Land’s Edge Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

I have to say, I have become a huge Pinot Noir fan as of late. We received this bottle for Christmas from my much as I hate to look up the price of presents I do find price to be quite important...and this one retails for around $40.

Unfortunately, I looked up the price after I opened the bottle and poured a glass. I can’t say I would’ve opened a $40 bottle on a whim, especially after Wednesday’s Burgundy indulgence.

You can’t take wine with you, I suppose. Plus, we had no other Pinot Noir on the rack and we’re having mushroom risotto for dinner.

Earth on the nose...I find earth such a difficult thing to describe because I want to say more but don’t have the words. Maybe some raspberry and I believe I detect a hint of coffee.

The palate brings cherry, boysenberry, coffee, not quite chocolate–perhaps carob (I like carob...and if you don’t, I suggest you try some and go into it not thinking it will taste “just like chocolate”), and my personal favorite flavor in Pinot Noir—cola. Very nice complexity, smooth tannins. I’m used to Pinot Noirs that are distinctly light bodied, and this one is absolutely on the medium side.

This one is a bit different than a lot of the recent Pinot Noir we’ve had. Bigger, bolder, far more backbone, but still distinctly Pinot Noir. Even at the $40 price I’d recommend this one for a special occasion.

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