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Thursday, December 07, 2006

2002 Chateau Ste Michelle Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a common wine that you can find just about anywhere, the retail prices ranges from $12-15 but I was able to use a sale, a quantity discount, and “holiday special” to my advantage and paid $8. Since wine really isn’t perishable, if you encounter a good deal, you may as well go for it.

The nose brings cherries, licorice, a bit of chocolate, and I even get some marzipan. And now that I have typed that, I am now craving marzipan.

The palate is nice and smooth. Cherries, blackberries, oak, anise, with smooth tannins. It’s an easy drinking wine but does have some backbone so it will hold up well with food. We had it with potato and onion pierogi and it went well.

The finish starts off with leather and gradually fades to cherries with a bit of vanilla.

I have to say I’m impressed. I’d buy this again, even at the $12 price range, and would be more than happy to serve it to guests. If you see this one for under $10, do not hesitate--pick it up.

This is the lowest level Cab that Chateau Ste Michelle offers, if this is their $12 wine, I will not hesitate picking up their $30 label (Cold Creek) next time a special occasion calls for it.

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