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Saturday, December 23, 2006

2005 Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling Auslese

I love cheap (this one was $9) German Rieslings. Seriously. Low alcohol, off dry/semi-sweet, acidic enough, and thoroughly quaffable–they are a perfect simple wine that you can drink with anything or nothing.

The downside is that they’re way too easy to drink. One can easily finish a bottle without even realizing it.

Mild stone fruit on the nose and a touch of stone.

The palate is stone fruit: peach/nectarine/apricot, with some apple and even grape.

The finish brings just a touch of spice and perhaps pear.

Quite frankly, it’s not well balanced, the acid that’s there doesn’t really balance it out. It’s not complex...I mean, I taste grapes. The lesson here is that a wine need not be balanced and terribly complex to be good. It’s simple and easy drinking, the wine you’ll bring on a picnic or will crack open when it’s 90 degrees and you’re hanging out on the deck.

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