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Thursday, December 28, 2006

2005 J.W. Morris Riesling

Another $4 find from Trader’s Joe. For a long time, we were big fans of cheap Rieslings but the more we try, the more our palates are becoming a bit more discriminating....I still don’t care for the expensive ones, but based on what we’ve had at tastings and restaurants, we seem to have gravitated to mid-teens German.

That being said, for $4, I’m willing to take a shot.

Stone fruit, mainly peaches on the nose.

Peaches and some grapes on the palate. Though it’s really not terribly sweet, there’s basically no acid which gives it a bland grape juice mouthfeel.

No finish.

The lack of acid really ruins this one. I don’t mind simple, but I do mind flab. Even for under $5 I can’t recommend this one.

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