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Monday, December 04, 2006

N/V Cook’s Brut

I had a taste for something sparkling and always see this brand at the store, but have never tried it. It is the cheapest one you’ll probably wine at $5 a bottle. Not wanting to add to the grocery bill but still wanting something I picked this one up to give a shot.

This is not made in the typical Champagne style, the secondary fermentation–the one that makes the bubbles–happens in vats rather than the individual bottle.

The first thing I notice is how this has a lot more carbonation right as you pour it, and after it sits in the glass for a few minute it looks pretty much flat.

The palate is boring, a bit of yeast, some sugar, and a lot of grapes.

The finish reminds me of orange soda. Sweet, lingering, I wouldn’t go as far as to say chemicals, but I would say there seems to be something artificial there.

No palate and a strange finish comes as no real shock with a $5 sparkling wine. As a wine, this pretty much fails, but I’d say it does succeed as a tolerable, cheap drink. I’ve had some truly bad wine and this isn’t one of’s just not good. If you’re having a large party, say for New Years, with a lot of people who were already drinking, there’s no reason to go better than this (unless we’re invited, of course).

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