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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2005 Rodney Strong Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

We really haven’t had a lot of Pinot Noir since we started to really get into wine....I think it’s because other wine (Cabernet, Shiraz, etc) overpower them at tastings and in turn we usually grab the bigger, bolder wines. The more we drink Pinot Noirs, the more I love them because they are wines that benefit tremendously with serious thought and contemplation.

This one retails for $18 but I found it on sale for $11–being one who can’t pass a bargain I jumped on it.

I get wood, earth and funk on the nose.

On the palate: a touch of wood, earth, light berry fruit and a hint of vanilla.

The finish is subtle–wood, earth, and lingering vanilla.

This is a big enough label (I got it at a grocery store) that there’s no reason to pay the full retail will go on sale and when it does I’d say go for it. For the price, you can probably do better at your local serious wine shop, but if you’re grabbing something at the market—go for it.

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