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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

2002 Leonard Kreusch Beerenauslese

This half bottle ran me about $20 at Trader Joe's. A good rule if that if the wine if from Germany the longer the name of the wine, the sweeter it is (the only thing sweeter is Trockenbeerenauslese).

So, it's a dessert wine which means it's going to be pricey...a quick search at my local wine shop pulled up nothing less than $60 (we're talking half bottles) for $20, this is already a winner.

It's somewhat syrupy and honestly, it reminds me a bit of the juice you get left behind from fruit cocktail but not quite as sweet. It smells like canned pineapple--it just smells sweeter than regular pineapple juice, we're talking concentrate. On the palate, I get tropical fruit (it reminds me of citron tea that we sometimes get in Korean restaurants) and pineapple, but the finish fades to red apples.

My grandma used to make this dish at Christmas which was dried fruit (apricots, prunes, and so on) reconstituted in boiling sugar water--the fruit was slimy--but the liquid was pretty good...this reminds me a bit of that. Sweet and a number of fruits but a good mix so it sort of all blends together.

When I think beerenauslese I think overwhelmingly sweet and this really isn't. Don't get me wrong--it's a dessert wine--but the sweetness is milder than I expected and there's quite a bit of acid that balance it nicely.

The verdict? $20 for a half bottle--this is not just a good deal, it's a groin grabbingly good deal.

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