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Saturday, August 19, 2006

2004 Charles Shaw Merlot

The (in)famous Two Buck Chuck. We had Charles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon a few months ago and it was terrible...I didn’t make notes back then so I can’t tell you why we didn’t like it, but I can tell you we dumped the bottle, I figured we may have better luck with Merlot.

Fran's first thoughts are spice and cherries, and feels though it’s fruity there's enough oak to make it somewhat balanced. Not exceptional, but not great.

On the nose, I get cinnamon and tart cherries. I find it’s a bit sweet and fruity, but there is oak and a bit of tannins as well.

Over the course of the evening, something odd happened. The wine soured. I don't mean, we stopped enjoying it, I mean the more time it saw in the decanter the more that tart cherry turned to pure sour. I've never had a wine go from drinkable to "I have to pour this out" in a matter of three hours, but it did.

Bottom line: it’s $3 and it tastes like $3. It’s not bad at first, but the sharp drop in quality after a couple hours is disturbing. Since it’s so cheap I think a lot of people really overlook all the problems with it--I mean, it's sour. If I was having company, I would not even consider serving this. I'd hate for a friend who's not into wine try this and never want to partake again.

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