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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2003 Mas Donis Capcanes

This is a Grenache Syrah blend, but I’m not sure the percentages. If I had to guess I’d say mostly Grenache.

I get some berries and oak on the nose with a hint of plums.

It's got some nice pepper on the palate along with blackberry and raspberry that give it some fruit, but overall I’d call this oaky. The tannins are smooth and overall, the wine is fairly light. The finish is oaky and I taste some tobacco. If you like wine with a lot of wood, this is for you. To me, it may be a little too woody, but certainly not to a point that I wouldn’t have it again.

I picked this up for $11 and at that price it’s a bargain as there’s a lot of complexity here. It’s distinctly “Spanish” and “Old World” so if you’re looking for a big California style fruit bomb, you may be disappointed so know what you’re getting. I had this with a plate of pasta and it worked out very well.

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