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Monday, August 28, 2006

2005 Yellow Tail Riesling

I'm not much of a fan of Yellow fact just today a coworker told me she liked Yellow Tail's Shiraz and I--like a prick--felt the need to bash it.

I had no idea Yellow Tail made a Riesling until recently, and being a fan of cheap Rieslings I decided to grab a bottle. I don't like YT's reds, but I'm all for giving the whites a shot. If I can get change back on a $10 I'm game for most anything.

On the nose, apples and grapes. Fran gets strawberries and melon.

On the palate, it starts out sweet but has a nice tartness on the finish. I get lots of pineapples right away, but that fades away on the finish and I get some strawberry. I could use a bit more acidity, but it's really not bad.

Overall--it's alright. If, for some reason, I need a Riesling in a pinch this would do, but I don't see buying it again.

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