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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2003 Three Thieves Cabernet Sauvignon

The Three Thieves! Fighting wine snobbery jug by jug and box by box.

Three Thieves produce wine out of California and don't sell their product in your standard 750 ml bottle. Instead, they sell one liter jugs and tetrapaks--which you may recognize as the type of container soy milk and "classy" soups are sold in. At $10 for a one liter jug, you may be afraid, but fret not.

I found the nose on this to have a hint of cinnamon, blackberry, and grapes.

The spice in this one was throwing me off as it's not typical of a Cabernet, with a visit to I found this has 26% syrah which explains that.

Cinnamon and cherry on the palate, this wine is smooth. Yes, there is some spice, but there's virtually no burn and the tannins are light. I get mostly blackberries and raspberries on this one. I think there's a hint of vanilla, but I always fear the power of suggestion on that one.

We're eating this with BBQ tofu sandwiches and it pairs perfectly--almost like a Zinfandel. If you're into jammier California wines, I'd say pick up a bottle. Next time I come across some of Three Thieves other varietals I'll be picking some up.

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