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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2005 Mount Pleasant Villagio

Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta, Missouri is one of finest wineries in the Midwest. We've visited there twice and are members of their "wine club"--everytime we get a shipment in from them I get excited because they consistently do a good job with red wine. Many Midwest wineries do okay with white but their reds are at best decent, at worst awful. Mount Pleasant's whites are a bit more hit and miss.

This wine tastes very "Midwest" which leads me to believe it has to be mainly Vidal Blanc or Seyval Blanc--hybrid grapes that you'll only find in places like Illinois and Missouri because they're more adaptable to the climate than something like Pinot Grigio is.

I get grass on the nose and not much else, I detect no fruit. Fran gets hay on this one.

As far as how it tastes--to put it bluntly, it's like a bad Pinot Grigio. There's not much going on at all, some fruit--grapes, actually--and not nearly enough acid. Acidity is a must in white wine and I just don't get much in here. Fran gets orange zest on the finish, I get something citrusy, but can't place my finger on what.

I like Mount Pleasant's red wines, but I can't just recommend this one. If you love Pinots and want something a bit different, it may not be a bad buy (it's only $10) but otherwise I'd pass. I have two bottles of their red wine (one Norton, one Cab) on the wine rack, when I crack them open (they're priced in our "special occasion" range, though) I'm sure they will be raves.

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