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Saturday, August 12, 2006

2005 Fetzer Gewurtztraminer

This is our "house" Gewurtztraminer. You can find this on sale for many places for around $6-8...if you can't find it for as low as $6, you'll easily find it under $10.

If we're having any sort of Thai or Indian food or we're making a stir fry, this is the bottle I go for. Since you can find this at almost any grocery store in our area, it's an easy one to keep an eye on and once it goes on sale I pick up a few bottles.

I get some peaches on the nose, perhaps a bit of apricot--stone fruit, basically. Fran smells citrus fruit, and I agree with that as well. There's spice in there as well that suggests peach cobbler. I also get some floral notes. Definitely not a simple wine...there's a lots going on in the glass.

On the palate I feel like I'm getting something different with each sip....sometimes I get tons of grapefruit, sometimes it's Granny Smith apples, sometimes apricot, sometimes peach cobbler. It's all that and none of that at the same time. I don't know how many other wines in this price range have this much going on. Fran gets the apples but not grapefruit,

If I had complaint it may be a bit too sweet. You don't notice it until the finish, which has a lingering honey like sweetness that can get to be a bit much if you're drinking it alone.

At this price point, I don't think you can find a better Gewurtz. We've tried the other Gewurtzs in this price range--Hogue, Sutter Home, Chateau Ste Michelle. Beringer--and not one comes even close to this one (well, maybe Hogue). This is easy to find, cheap, and a very safe bet.

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