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Monday, August 07, 2006

N/V Monmousseau Rose d' Anjou

Rose is a pink wine that's typically from France. It's different from the very popular White Zinfandel from the US in that it's less sweet (if sweet at all) and has some acid for balance.

Roses are typically made from red grapes and only see a small amount of contact with the grape skins in the fermentation process. If you press red grapes, the juice is white, what makes red wine red is time spent soaking in the skins.

This rose is, well rose in though there seems to be an orange tint. It's light, you can see through it, and it's probably the same color is Sutter Home.

The nose on this actually has a bit of orange and perhaps some strawberry.

This particular wine is my personal favorite rose. Everytime I hit up the wine shop I am tempted to buy this by the case. It's smooth, has a little bit of acid, but a nice amount of sweetness. There's not a whole lot else to say, as is the case with roses. I taste a little bit of orange, I honestly taste a bit of pear (that may be the power of suggestion since it's from the Anjou region), maybe some strawberries, and oh yes, a bit of grape as well. It's simple, not horribly complex, has a nice bit of sweetness, and is overall delicious. I've had around a dozen other roses and none of them come close to this one.

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