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Thursday, August 24, 2006

2005 Sterling Vintner's Collection Pinot Noir

This has been on the rack for a while, but I think I paid around $17 for it. I set my wine rack up by wine price, and this is in the "twice a month" section (the sections are day to day (under $11), once a week ($12-15), twice a month ($15-$25) and special occassion ($25+). If all you have is a small wine rack (less than 30 bottles) and a limited budget, I think that's the most logical way of doing it.

It's fairly light red which is typical for a Pinot Noir. I get a bit of earth on the nose and a bit of strawberries in the background.

On the palate, we get a lot of oak and spice, and the finish has strawberries. The finish actually reminds me a lot of "Astronaut Strawberries" that you get at science museums, they're freeze dried and sold in a foil pouch. Though the finish is interesting but I just don't get a whole lot from the wine itself. We've let it open for 90 minutes and it still just isn't wowing us.

There's a nice balance and if I found this for under $15 I would pick it up again (and probably let it sit, since it's a 2005, I suspect it may just be too young). It's acidic enough, but still smooth, fruity yet still earthy. All it's lacking is the "wow" factor that is increasingly more difficult to come by at this pricepoint.

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