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Friday, January 05, 2007

2004 Elyse Rose

Roses are nice, simple wines...rarely complex, but typically enjoyable and quaffable...I frequently hear them referred to as “patio wines” which is a fair assessment. I haven’t had a rosé in some time and figured I’d pick one up.

I get very little on the nose....nothing I can place anyway.

If this was served to me in a dark room I’d guess it’s a light Beaujolais. Fruity but dry...some mild tannins even--Strange. Mostly raspberries, cherry pie filling, and maybe just a touch of peach. The more air it gets, the more the raspberry flavors come out and I’m getting some nice strawberry as well.

I get a bit of oak on the finish, but my guess is this hasn’t seen any...other than that I get strawberries on the immediate finish, but they fade fast.

I like my roses a bit more fruit forward with just a touch more sweetness. At $9, it’s hard to complain...but if you check back a while, we reviewed another rose from the Anjou region, and I’d recommend that one over this.

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