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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2005 Layer Cake Shiraz

Why the large photo? Read on, friends.

I picked this one up for $15 without trying it, but with a recommendation from the woman at our local wine shop. I let this open for around four hours before even trying it, and as I approach hour six it only improves.

Big, fruity nose....think raspberry or blackberry jam.

Lots of big berry fruit...blueberry and sweet blackberry. Smooth tannins with just a hint of oak that’s suggesting chocolate, but make no mistake this is a huge fruity wine. The back of the palate brings black pepper.

The finish has a drawn out, lingering taste of Twizzlers. When I say lingering, I’m talking I stopped the clock at 75 seconds and I still taste it.

The more Fran and I discuss this wine, the more we are becoming a bit nuts about it....this is one of the finest wines we’ve had in some time, unbelievable balance, strong fruit, nice smooth oak to balance doesn’t get much better and for $15 it’s incredible—and we don’t even like Shiraz! If you see this, and you pass it up, you are a fool. Seriously.

If we did the whole “best of the year” wines, I can tell you right now this would be in our top five of 2007, and we’re barely two weeks in.

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