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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2004 M. Cosentino The Zin Zinfandel

Calling a wine “The Zin” seems somewhat boastful, but I will refrain from holding this to a higher standard than other Zinfandel. This one ran us around $14 on sale, I don’t recall the regular price but it did strike me as a deal.

The nose is black fruit...dark berries and plums.

Lots of berries on the palate, blackberry, raspberry, plus cherries, medium tannins, and a fair amount of oak. I’m also getting some anise which isn’t really working in this.

The finish lingers with raspberry and cherry.

Certainly not bad, but it’s not really grabbing me. I can’t say I’d buy it again but I also wouldn’t dissuade someone from buying it if they wanted a Zinfandel for under $15.

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