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Thursday, January 18, 2007

N/V Guillaume Brut De Peche

We had this at a tasting some time ago and I was convinced we liked it. The need to take and keep detailed notes rather than trying to remember vague things like “yeah, this was...this was good” is becoming more and more clear.

This is sparkling wine, from France–but not Champagne–with peach nectar added. If I’m not mistaken, since this has added peach it does not meet any specific appelation’s rules, so all we know about it is that it’s from France.

Peachy nose, peachy palate, peachy finish. Should I say more? It’s not all that different from one of those Bartles and James drinks except that I’m drinking it out of a flute that’s a pain to clean versus a bottle I’d just throw out. The big difference is the alcohol content, this one has 12% versus a wine cooler’s 4%. Even the bubbles are low-fi....many Champagnes can sit in the glass for an hour and still have a stream of bubbles, this one looks flat after five minutes.

This one was $10 and while it’s’s basically a French Fuzzy Navel. It is what it is, it’s a peach wine and no one is pretending it’s anything else. I think we’ve reached a somewhat depressing point where we just can’t enjoy things like this anymore...

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