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Monday, January 08, 2007

2005 Pillar Box Red

We had the 2004 of this one a while back and I seem to recall enjoying it, so I picked up the 2005 for $10. The one thing I remember is that it was big and needed a lot of air so I let this open for around three hours before starting and enjoyed the bottle over another three hours.

Alcohol, oak, and cherry on the nose.

The palate is fruity–berries for the most part...blackberry and some blueberry. Plenty of wood, and at first (mind you, after three hours of air) a bit of spice, and lots of herbal notes...fennel and mint, but after this had been open for six hours a lot of the herbs disappeared. This is a 15% wine and it tastes like it...a big burn right at the end of the palate.

Mint on the immediate finish with lingering oak and a small bit of plum.

My thumb is directly in the middle, I give it two stars, 5 out of’s alright, if you want to give it a shot I won’t dissuade you but I wouldn’t go too far out of your way to pick it up.

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