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Sunday, January 28, 2007

2005 Little Boomey Cabernet Sauvignon

A friend of mine picked this up for me and then almost apologized suggesting that my palate may be too sophistimicated for it. I tend to keep an open mind mainly because some of these popular wines (Little Penguin, Gnarly Head, etc) are actually pretty damn good.

A bit of spice on the nose, but not a whole lot.

A fruity palate, somewhat jammy...strawberry, blackberry, even some blueberry, with just a hint of oak. I wouldn’t think this is a Cabernet, perhaps a Merlot or more likely a Zinfandel.

The finish suggests chocolate and fades with some jammy flavors.

I have to say, if you’re reaching for a bottle of Yellow Tail just move down a few feet and pick this up. Ultimately it’s simple, jammy wine, but it has some subtleties just not present in many others of this caliber. If you want a cutesy Australian wine this one and Little Penguin are safe bets.

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