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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2005 Carmel Winery Vineyards Selected Cabernet Sauvignon

I stumbled upon this $8 wine from Israel and thought it would be interesting to try a kosher wine. I’ve had the Manischewitz syrupy sweet Concord, but this Cabernet Sauvignon looked more like a typical dry table wine.

What makes a wine kosher? Well, it can’t have non-kosher ingredients obviously, but there are also production rules that vary depending on what type of kosher one practices. Consult:

This wine is also officially designated vegan. Many wines use animal products in the filtration process...if you care to learn more, consult:

(You will note I am vegetarian and I drink pretty much any wine regardless of how it’s produced. I find worrying about things like filtration processes nonsensical and counter-productive, but many will tell you I’m not a good vegetarian.)

Onto the wine itself: the nose has some raspberry and lots of oak.

The palate has lots of oak, funk, earth, spice–cinnamon mainly, not much fruit but there is some cherry. It’s not really working for us.

The finish has a hint of BBQ sauce, or maybe A1...not pleasant one bit.

It’s difficult to say....this is so bad that part of me thinks this bottle is potentially corked or cooked....or it could be part of the kosher thing...not sure, I’ve had wine that’s obviously “gone bad” and I just don’t quite get that from this...there different degrees of how flawed a wine can be, perhaps this has just slightly turned.

Either way, I won’t be revisiting this one.

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