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Saturday, January 20, 2007

N.V. Warre’s Otima 20 Year Old Tawny Porto

I opened this bottle around two weeks back and have found that I prefer my Port after it’s had some time with air. Not long ago we reviewed a Warre’s 10 Year Tawny, so this should be interesting to compare.

The nose has some plums, or is it prunes? Somewhere in the middle. Dark, rich fruit.

The palate hits me with raisins and prunes, dried fruit–maybe dried cherry, maybe cranberry, and just a touch of orange peel.

The finish is all nuts....walnuts...and leaves sort of an oily mouthfeel, even after the bottle had been open for some time, I found this improved in the first pour, it had a pretty striking burn, but after sitting in the glass for 40 minutes or so, it disappeared.

The interesting thing with Port is how it changes over time...there’s still quite a bit left in this bottle so I may write more about this in coming weeks. For now, I think it’s okay, but the 10 year was around $15 cheaper and far smoother and easier on the palate.

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